About Us

German Croatian International Live Band

Band name:   Unio5

The word Unio has its roots in the Latin and means union.  

5 stands for the members of the band




Unio5 was established due to the union of Miki and Damir who are brothers and played in different bands. A further family member is their cousin Lucky. Goran and Christian are close friends and all performed together on several events and different formations with the bands Double-M, Medium and Titan as well as the TS Zlatni Klas. Incorporator of the band is Miki


Experience & Repertoire


All band members have many years of experience in playing in Croatian and German cover bands. In the course of the time they have collected more than 500 English, German and Croatian songs in all different types and styles of music. 




One essential key for a Live band with our size is the technical equipment. That is the reason why we are gladly investing year-by-year into high quality instruments, sound systems and light shows. We are really proud about our member Lucky who is skilled audio engineer with experience in the sound of big German TV shows.


Interests of our Band

We would like to inspire our audience and bring good vibrations to the party as well as to elate our customers. We are well prepared for any kind of wishes.