1 | How to book us? 

Our band is an trade organization registered in Germany, "Gesellschaft bürgerlichen Rechts (GbR)". In case we agree on the conditions and your desired date is still available you will receive an official order acknowledgement from us. We will contact you one week before the event to finalize the event basics such like event schedule, nativity of the guests, names of the important persons, wanted/unwanted soungs and other specialities. This will allow us a safe guidance through the event. 

You can contact us via email or using the contact form here. We are happy to call you back in case you leave the phone number. 

2 | What is the price for an event with Unio5?

You can ask for a quote here. To be able to quickly reply to your request please provide following information:

  • event type, place and duration 

3 | Can you send us a Demo-CD ?

a ) With our many years of experience we are offering our customers the ability to visit us in Lindau and listen to an music excerpt. With this we have the possibility to meet each other and you can listen to your favourite songs live. 

b ) We are also playing public events which you can visit and be our guests. 

4 | Are you playing live?

Yes, all five of us are playing instruments (keyboards, drums, E-guitar, Rythm-guitar and base). We are not using Drum-PCs or samples. Playing live allows us to be flexible during the event and react quickly on the atmosphere of the audience.